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Meet Our Volunteers

The 公益性服务 Center offers a range of pro bono opportunities for lawyers looking to get involved, 从星期六早上的简短咨询法律诊所(如咨询) & Referral clinic, 哪个网站为专业人士提供一般信息, 建议, 和简短的服务)到全面代理诊所. Learn how you can volunteer with usmake a difference 我们低收入区邻居的生活.

建议 & Referral Clinic Volunteers

布莱恩·C. 合伙人,芬尼根,亨德森,法拉博,加勒特 & Dunner LLP)

布莱恩·C. 用餐者 Although Finnegan partner 布莱恩·C. 用餐者 has previously h和led pro bono matters, his first time volunteering at the 公益性服务 Center’s 建议 & Referral Clinic 是一个启示:“作为第一次参加诊所的人, it was wonderful to not only try but to really feel that we helped so many people with their legal issues 和 problems, allowing them to leave the clinic feeling that they had a promising path forward 和 a way out of their dilemmas,他说.

Bryan encourages more attorneys to get involved in pro bono work 和 says: “Few things in life nourish the mind 和 warm the heart 和 soul as helping people. 和 I was proud 和 grateful, with all my Finnegan colleagues, 成为公益中心的一员 & Referral Clinic. 我期待着很快再次参加.”

和rew Doyle (Senior Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice)

和rew Doyle “作为一名澳门赌场官网,帮助别人很容易. 这真是太了不起了,”安德鲁•多伊尔(和rew Doyle)表示.S. Department of Justice.*公益中心最敬业的志愿者之一, 在我们每月的例会上,安迪花了50多个周六会见客户 建议 & Referral Clinic since 2010. What keeps him coming back? “我的日常工作是为更大的利益而工作, 所以我想记住一次帮助一个人是什么感觉.”

Visitors to the 建议 & Referral Clinic may meet one-on-one with a volunteer lawyer to discuss any individual civil legal issue governed by D.C. or federal law. 安迪回答了客户关于债权人的问题, 保险, l和lord/tenant matters, construction disputes, child custody, 和 probate.

“The best sessions are when you get surprised by a hug or tears of gratitude. I remember one woman who came with questions about the administration of a relative’s estate. 她仍然为亲人的死而悲痛欲绝, 她花了很多时间才到诊所, emotionally 和 logistically. At first, she was very quiet. 然后,她突然哭了起来. She was grateful to me for helping her, but she was also so proud of herself for getting there.”

What would 和y say to other D.C. 澳门赌场官网协会成员考虑无偿服务? 一旦你开始了,你就会奇怪为什么花了这么长时间! 当澳门赌场官网, we get so immersed in our structure that we forget we have the ability to connect with people in the city who need us.”

*Federal government attorneys volunteer only in their individual capacities.

宣传 & Justice Clinic Volunteers


特蕾西欧姆特蕾西欧姆, of counsel at Stinson Leonard Street LLP 和 dedicated D.C. 酒吧 公益性服务 Center volunteer, the reward of pro bono work isn’t out-of-the-park wins. 这是她作为一个倡导者的简单行为所得到的感激. “The clients are so grateful to have someone st和ing up for them,” she said. “这既是我喜欢的,也是我前进的动力.” 读 the full profile.


约翰D. McGrane (Morgan, Lewis 和 Bockius LLP合伙人)

约翰D. McGrane “In 2013, the Probate Resource Center staff approached Morgan Lewis about supporting one of its weekly walk-in sessions,” says 约翰D. 他是刘易斯摩根澳门赌场官网事务所的合伙人 & Bockius LLP. “[The firm] readily agreed to staff one session a month with 3-4 attorneys, 和 shortly thereafter, I got involved. 我继续帮助员工每年4-5次每周会议.”

是什么让约翰不断回到遗嘱认证资源中心? 他说:“这种经历非常有益。. “前来寻求帮助的人有各种各样的情况和需求. I have worked with people whose parent or sibling has recently passed away, 和 at this difficult time they are trying to determine how to deal with homes, bank accounts, 和 other assets, 还有各种各样的债权人,偶尔, other relatives. 在每一种情况下,都确实需要解决这些问题. 和, most rewarding is the sincere appreciation from the customers for the help provided by the Probate Resource Center – for making sense out of a confusing process."

丽贝卡·J. 迈克尔 (Counsel, Arnold & Porter LLP)

丽贝卡·J. 迈克尔 ”阿诺德 & 波特澳门赌场官网事务所与 L和lord Tenant Resource Center,” says 丽贝卡·J. 迈克尔, counsel at the firm 和 a dedicated volunteer with the Resource Center. “参加完培训课程后,我知道我想参加.”

“The volunteer work at the L和lord Tenant Resource Center helps transform the lives of its customers,” she says. “资源中心的许多客户都面临着严峻的形势, 和 they really need someone to listen 和 help them underst和 和 navigate the rules, regulations, 及要求[业主及租客法庭]. I have helped draft documents that have halted a wrongful eviction 和 imminent homelessness of a tenant; allowed a disabled veteran to stay off the street; 和 enabled a young, 单亲妈妈把孩子们塞到家里的床上再睡一晚. 我还帮助起草文件,以加快确保工作热, air conditioning, 管道, 为D州一些最脆弱的公民提供设备和服务.C.”

Rebecca highly recommends that attorneys get involved in pro bono work: “It is a great way to make a difference in someone else’s life on important issues 和 has tremendous personal, professional, 和 social benefits for attorneys, 太. It is especially easy 和 rewarding for attorneys to volunteer at the L和lord Tenant Resource Center. No experience is necessary, 支持网络是无与伦比的, the time commitment is fixed, 和 all your work is completed before you leave at the end of your day there.”

Immigration Legal 建议 & Referral Clinic Volunteers

安妮特K. 郭 (Associate, Venable LLP)

安妮特K. 郭 "志愿做无偿澳门赌场官网 Immigration Legal 建议 & Referral Clinic 安妮特? K. 郭, an associate at Venable LLP 和 past president of the Asian Pacific American 酒吧 Association of the Greater Washington, D.C. 区域公司. (APABA-DC).

安妮特已经在APABA-DC诊所做了九年的志愿者. “I’m an immigrant myself 和, first 和 foremost, 我觉得自己与这个地区的移民社区关系密切,” she says. “The ability to impart my experience in my interactions with clients is what makes pro bono meaningful. 有时, working at a big law firm, 你忘了那些迫切需要法律帮助的人是什么感觉. 尤其是有移民问题的客户, are scared right now 和 skeptical about coming forth 和 exposing themselves.”

What does Annette suggest to D.C. 澳门赌场官网协会成员考虑无偿服务? “作为澳门赌场官网,我们必须尽最大努力帮助我们的社区. Pro bono work inspires me to be more compassionate 和 grateful for what I have 和 motivates me to do more for those who are less fortunate.”

更多关于安妮特的公益经验,请参见2017年11月的 Washington Lawyer 杂志.

Anam Rahman

Anam RahmanAnam Rahman was instilled with the values of philanthropy, altruism, 和 empathy from a young age. Her father, an oncologist, imparted the importance of volunteer work in her 和 her siblings. Surrounded by a family of doctors, she learned about giving back 和 helping those in need. Inspired by her undergraduate career at The George Washington University (GWU), Anam最终选择了法律职业, but paying it forward remains a guiding principle for her work in immigration law. 读 the full profile.



Tammy回族Tammy回族, a volunteer with the D.C. 酒吧 公益性服务 Center’s Small Business Legal Assistance Program, entrepreneurship is in her blood. Tammy is a native of Edmonton, 加拿大阿尔伯塔省的首府, where she grew up as the daughter of a general contractor father 和 the niece of automotive shop owners 和 restauranteurs. “That’s what attracted me to business owners, that entrepreneurial spirit,” she says. “那些愿意在没有任何保护的情况下实现巨大飞跃的人. 我喜欢尽我所能去帮助那些人.” 读 the full profile.



布莱德的客人布拉德·盖斯特自愿花时间支持D.C.’s small businesses because for the clients “this is often their life’s dream, something they’ve poured their time 和 energy into often exclusively for a long time. Receiving pro bono legal 建议 may be the only opportunity for these individuals to get answers to questions that could not only impact their business, 还有他们的个人风险和责任.” 读 the full profile.